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I'm a German-born artist whose love for art can be traced back to my childhood. As a young girl, I was always draw to artsy things, whether it be music, dance, theater or visual arts. It wasn't until I moved to the United States, however, that I began to explore and obtain a formal eduction in the arts.

Raised in Europe, I have been influenced by m, nay different painting styles, which can be seen in my own art. My works have a distinguishable look with my strong colors and textures. Many of my compositions are anchored with geometric shapes and lines, creating both balance and tension. Texture is a very important element in my work. 

In addition to painting with acrylics, I enjoy creating print with modern and old printmaking techniques. Monoprints, collagraphs and linocuts have become an intricate part of my artwork. I also have a deep love for encaustic painting - a method of painting at involves wax-based pigments. 

My works have been exhibited in art galleries and organizations throughout Germany and the United States. My art was also featured in "Project 36" with Theater Arts West and the Playwrights and Artists Series II.

My Story

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