I love paint, pencils, pens, pastels, paper and glue. I love to make marks and arrange them, like a musician composes a song…


...like a choreographer organizes dancers

...like a chef combines flavors. 


Inspiration for my paintings comes from many places, but it often happens right in the studio, sparked by play. 


That’s what’s happening on the surface, anyway. Below the surface is a whole different story. 


Taking risks, experimenting, and playing is a part of the painting process that thrills me. This is where I discover surprises and unexpected imagery. This the stuff of dreams, metaphor, magic. It unfolds when I am courageous and let the painting tell me what it wants. 


We have a conversation. Often, I don’t know what the painting will become until it’s close to completion. I gently guide, and respond to what appears. In many ways, my painting practice mirrors my life and teaches me. Am I being too controlling? Am I really doing what I love? Am I being clear?


This process is a stark contrast to the way I learned to paint. I can paint a portrait, a landscape, or a still life  but it just bores me to tears. But generally speaking, I have learned from my painting practice, that life is to be experienced, not controlled.

Pablo Picasso 
Art is the lie that enables
us to see the truth.
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