2019 by Gabiele Bitter Contemporary Fine Art

Temecula, CA 92592

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New Inspiration

it's time for changes and new designs are calling me. Recently, I started painting on small panels, new designs that will hopefully be part of my new series.

Colorful Value

I want to concentrate on design and value rather than color. In my previous paintings I used powerful reds and blues but this time I want to see if I can create more quiet and peaceful areas as well.

There is a sophistication when you see loud and quiet conversations within a painting.

Limited Palette

Since I work part-time, I have about three days in which I can keep experimenting in my studio. I wish I could do my art everyday.

Sometimes I just visit my studio for 5 minutes to feel better because I'm constantly thinking about my art...wanting to create but not being able to. Time is really the most precious commodity.