View of Venice from train by gabriele bitterYou know you are close to Venice when the train you are riding appears to be sailing across the water. You can’t see the city yet, but you know it’s coming.

Upon our arrival in Venice, my husband and I were picked up by a water taxi (motorboat). The weather was perfect and the water was turquoise. On our way to the hotel, the driver drove us past the beautiful and old palazzo.


Venice_2_gabriele_bitterThe lower floors of the buildings in Venice are usually flooded since the city is slowly sinking. The city experiences flooding about 20 times every year. This means that all the buildings have water damage, including the St. Mark Basilica. (More about that in my next post.)

To me Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The tiny streets and bridges, the small restaurants at the end of a dead-end street—you can feel the spirit of Casanova walking from one lover to another, and you can imagine Dukes and Duchesses celebrating festivals in the streets.

Come evening time, there is only one thing you know you must do. And that’s to walk through Venice, hand in hand, with the one you love.

Stay true to your journey!