My mom was always knitting or crocheting. When she passed away in 2005, I took one of the blankets she crocheted and cut out a piece, attached it to a wooden board, and painted her portrait from a photo of her as a young mother. In the original photo she was holding me in her arms.

The Art Behind My Loving Memory

The painting of my mom is about 30 x 30 and is painted on a square wooden board. In creating this painting, I first used white gesso—a type of plaster Paris. I then used oil paint to paint her lovely face. The pattern of the crocheted blanket really comes through in this piece and makes it all the more interesting.

This panting is not a masterpiece—but it was never meant to be. It is about my mom—my best friend— and how much she loved me and I loved her.

If you’ve experienced the loss of a mother or someone else you were very close to, I’d love to hear how you went about preserving a loving memory of your own. Share your story in the comments section below or use my contact form to send me a private email.

Stay true to your journey!